Cloud-Based POS's - They're Here to Stay

Nov 22, 2019

In the late 90’s, as the general manager of the Oakland Athletic's baseball team, Billie Beane introduced an unprecedented management style that relied more on data and statistics than on intangibles like athleticism and passion for the game. In those few years, he changed the landscape of how owners and GMs managed their baseball team and their respective rosters in today's game. In the movie, Moneyball, Beane tells one of his doubters to "Adapt or die". In the service industry, we are starting to see a paradigm shift as businesses have started using cloud-based POS's.

In July of 2018, Toast secured a $115M round of funding led by T. Rowe Price. Toast is currently valued at $2.7B. The emergence of cloud-based tech in the restaurant industry could no longer be kept a secret and the adoption of this type of thinking has been evident as cloud-based POS's have become ubiquitous. While Toast is the unofficial innovator in today's restaurant tech space, it has paved the way for other POS companies to produce their own product, each with its own iteration. Companies like Square and Clover are starting to be a new business's go-to solution for when they are selecting which POS they would need to incorporate into their setup. After all, the ability to integrate with other SaaS platforms gives these cloud-based POS's an advantage over legacy players who haven't made the transition.

Marqii customers are able to take full advantage of their cloud-based POS's through our Menu Management API. With one click of a button on your POS tablet, your menu content will update on 80+ sites, such as Google, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Uber Eats, and more! Click here to learn more and schedule a demo.