Keep Tabs on the Guest Journey with Marqii's Review History Feature

Restaurant Software Jul 8, 2024

Keeping an eye on what your guests are saying about you online can feel like chasing a moving target. With reviews popping up across multiple platforms, staying on top of your online reputation is no easy task. But what if you had a one-stop solution that not only gathered all your reviews in one place but also flagged any changes or updates to those reviews? Enter Marqii’s Review History feature.

The Power of Monitoring Online Reviews

As a restaurant, your reputation is everything. Online reviews play an important role in attracting new customers and retaining loyal ones. But monitoring online reviews isn’t just about reading the latest feedback; it’s about understanding the ongoing conversation between your business and your guests.

In 2024 alone, Marqii clients saw 3,384 reviews changed, edited, or updated by guests. That’s 3,384 opportunities to better understand your customers, address their concerns, and improve their experience. Unfortunately, most review management tools don’t flag these changes, leaving you in the dark about important guest engagements.

All Your Reviews in One Place

Marqii’s dashboard is designed with the hospitality industry in mind. It pulls in reviews from Google, Yelp and other review platforms, allowing you to view all your feedback in one convenient location. No more switching between tabs or missing out on the same complaints about wait time or wrong orders again.

Our unique Review History feature takes things up a notch. You can see all the reviews a user has left for your business in one continuous thread. This includes not just the initial review but any edits or updates they’ve made, and even previous reviews from prior visits.

The Advantage of Marqii's Review History

Why is this important? Understanding the complete journey of a customer’s interaction with your business provides valuable insights. For instance, if a guest initially left a bad review but later edited it to reflect a change of heart, you would want to know how your efforts helped. With Marqii’s Review History, you can.

This feature is a game-changer when it comes to winning back guests after receiving negative reviews. By seeing the entire history of a guest’s reviews, you can customize your response and recovery efforts more effectively. It’s like having a conversation history with each guest, helping you to address their issues more personally and promptly.

By reviewing Steve's history, we can see that he has dined at this location multiple times and values service, hours of operation, and consistency. Although his last visit received a four-star rating instead of five, the responder gains valuable insights from his previous reviews. This deeper understanding allows for a more personalized response, addressing what is important to Steve and enhancing his experience with the brand.

How It Works

Using Marqii’s Review History feature is simple:

  1. Log in to your Marqii dashboard and navigate to the reviews section. Here, you’ll find all reviews from Google and other platforms in one place. 
  2. Click on a review > view history to open the full thread. You’ll see the original review, any edits or updates made by the guest, and your responses.
  3. Use this information to understand your guests’ experiences better and craft personalized responses to address their concerns.

Why Choose Marqii?

At Marqii, we’re all about making things easier for you. Our simple, user-friendly dashboard is designed to support you with your review response strategy. We understand that your time is precious. That’s why we’ve created tools like the Review History feature to help you stay on top of your online reputation with ease.

By leveraging Marqii’s Review History feature, you’re not just monitoring online reviews—you’re engaging with your guests in a more meaningful way. Stay informed, stay proactive, and keep your guests coming back for more.

If you’re already a Marqii client, what are you waiting for? Dive into your dashboard and check out the Review History feature today! For those who are exploring options, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing. Schedule a demo with us and discover how Marqii can support your online review management.