Unlocking the Power of Managed Reviews

Review Management Mar 8, 2024

Managing reviews is essential for a restaurant's online presence and reputation, offering a chance to connect with customers, address concerns, and demonstrate a commitment to a positive dining experience. But as your business begins to grow, keeping up with reviews can be tough. I’m here to talk about the pros and cons of relying on AI vs humans when responding to reviews, and share Marqii’s solution that takes the best of both AI and HI (human intelligence) to put personalization first while saving restaurant teams time.  

Before we get to that, let’s quickly catch up on why staying on top of reviews matters so much.

Why should you respond to online reviews?

Have you ever wondered why it's so crucial for restaurants to respond to customer reviews? Let me break it down for you. When you take the time to respond to reviews left by customers, you not only show that you value their feedback, you also have the opportunity to address any concerns they have. This can go a long way in improving customer sentiment and loyalty. 

But that's not all – engaging with reviews does wonders for your restaurant's SEO. Search engines love fresh content, and by responding to reviews, you're adding more relevant keywords to your online presence, ultimately helping to boost your search ranking. So next time you receive a review, make sure to craft a thoughtful response – your customers and your online visibility will thank you for it! 

And if you find yourself falling behind on this pesky task, it may be time to explore integrating AI into your review response strategy. 

What You Should Know About AI-powered Review Responses

As the world of AI continues to grow, so do the resources and tools available to help you scale and grow your restaurant operations behind the scenes. 

Using AI for Review Responses

Ever noticed how some restaurants manage to reply to online reviews lightning-fast, even in the wee hours? Chances are, they're using AI-powered review responses. While this technology can be incredibly efficient and save time for restaurant owners and managers, there are both pros and cons to consider. 

On one hand, AI can help save time and automate the writing process. But, on the other hand, it might miss that personal touch and empathy that comes with a human reply. Ultimately, finding the right balance between AI and human interaction is key to successfully managing review responses in the restaurant industry.

AI Generated Review Responses in the Wild

While AI is impressive, it's not perfect. Let's explore the potential pitfalls of relying solely on AI, from a generic review response that misses the mark to instances where a human touch is irreplaceable. 

AI review response generators seem like a simple fix until they completely miss the mark. Take, for instance, the response Lakerra received after sharing her dining experience. Despite a clearly negative encounter, the AI response only highlighted the positive aspect of the food. Without negative words present in the review, AI failed to recognize that Lakerra had a disappointing experience, resulting in a review response that would make any real human cringe.

Relying solely on AI leaves your restaurant vulnerable to awkward responses and could discourage guests from coming back. It's a risky game that might end up turning away potential returning customers.

Human Generated Review Responses

Navigating the world of reviews with AI can get a bit chaotic, but there's also a messy side when restaurant owners decide to reply to a review response. It can get personal, we understand. Managing a restaurant and choosing to defend your team and business from criticism is perfectly okay. However, if those responses start getting a tad too emotional, you might notice a not-so-great impact on your sales. 

Negative reviews, let's face it, nobody enjoys them. Crafting a response when your business is under fire can be quite a challenge. Take Scott, for example. He aimed for neutrality, defending the service, but a slip at the end failed his goal. Any potential customer reading this exchange might lean towards a different place that handles criticism more gracefully.

We've acknowledged AI's imperfections, but let's not forget, humans aren't flawless either. Especially when emotions and a deep passion for their restaurant are involved – it's natural. If you ever feel the urge to call a customer less-than-flattering names, it might be time to consider a managed review service.

Blending AI and HI for Review Responses

At Marqii, we believe in the power of both worlds – Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. Every review gets a human touch and our onboarding process is designed to understand the unique DNA of your brand. Here’s what we cover when you decide to partner with us:

  • Brand Identity: We dive deep into what makes your brand original, ensuring that every response echoes your business's personality. Our goal is to make each review response genuine and impactful.
  • Tone: We aim to nail down the right tone for responses – not too formal, not too casual, just right. This is all down to your preference.
  • Published By You: Even though we write the reviews (and may even hit send), the response comes from whoever you choose at your brand. 
  • Keywords for SEO Growth: Marqii ensures your responses are laced with the magic keywords that boost your online presence. 
  • Escalation Process for Critical Reviews: When it gets real, we're there. We collaborate with you to create an escalation plan for those extra-important reviews. This approach ensures you're always in control.

Understanding the core of your brand is just the beginning. From there, we use AI to generate an initial review and a member of the review response team takes it from there and adds the personal touch that every review should receive. This streamlines the process and takes the hard work off your plate.

Success with Marqii's Managed Review Response

The blend of AI and HI makes it so that each review gets a quick and precise response. We have seen this be the most successful method and customers love it! When a customer left a lukewarm review on a Marqii client’s profile due to a tough parking situation, our team members demonstrated the perfect response. The reviewer's words say it all – positive vibes made it a success.

With Managed Review Service, the response was friendly, thanked the customer for the good stuff, and shared helpful tips for a better visit next time.

Marqii team members knew just what to say about the parking, all while staying neutral about the criticism. This shows how AI plus a little extra touch from humans can take customer feedback to the next level.

For a deeper dive into how this approach can help you not only respond to more reviews, but boost your average rating, check out our case study featuring Groucho’s Deli. In just 6 short months, Marqii was able to help them double their review response rate and more.  

Staying Connected to your Customers

The magic doesn't stop at responses. Many restaurant owners worry about losing sight of what's going on in their place when they hand over reviews. But, fear not! Our insights and analytics keep you in the loop, providing the data you need to enhance the customer experience. 

Marqii Insights go beyond review responses, offering a comprehensive view of customer sentiment, preferences, and trends. This helps you understand your customers on a deeper level. You can review them regularly on your own in the Marqii dashboard, and you’ll have a monthly check-in to review your insights and analytics with our team.

We can tackle all your reviews, but if you want to customize which ones get a reply (maybe just the 3 stars and above), no worries! You call the shots. Marqii ensures your brand's unique approach to critical situations is always prioritized. 

Marqii’s Managed Review Response ensures your responses are not only timely but also reflect the level of care and commitment your brand stands for. It's like having a personal touch without losing the efficiency. 

The Marqii Difference

With Marqii’s Managed Reviews you get personalized attention to reviews and more. 

  • Centralized Dashboard: No more juggling platforms! Have all of your reviews at your fingertips with our centralized dashboard. Explore the convenience of managing reviews from one location, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time.
  • Adjustable AI: Things change, and so can your promotions. Marqii's AI adapts to your evolving needs, effortlessly. We offer the flexibility of adjusting your AI responses based on promotions, events, or seasonal menu items, ensuring your communication remains relevant, timely and SEO-friendly.
  • Keyword Notifications: Get notified when important keywords like "sick," "hurt," or "fell" pop up, ensuring you're always in control. 

Ready to experience the transformation? See firsthand how Marqii makes review management easy and strategic. Schedule a demo today and dive into the world of our Managed Reviews Service.

Free Review Response Templates

Not quite ready for Managed Review Response? Save time by saving templates in your Marqii dashboard for your most common types of reviews. We’ve created 7 sample templates to get you started!