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Yelp's Newest Features: Elevating the Local Experience for 2024

Restaurant Industry Trends Mar 22, 2024

Yelp recently released over 20 shiny new updates to help local businesses - like restaurants - build deeper connections with their guests. Here are some of our favorite new features that you can start leveraging now to boost your business profile and engagement:

AI-Powered Business Summaries: To make decision-making a breeze for guests, Yelp's new AI-powered business summaries provide quick insights into what makes a business stand out. Make sure your Yelp profile has all relevant attributes, and respond to reviews using keywords. The business summaries highlight aspects- like atmosphere, service, amenities, value, or popular dishes- so having a detailed profile can significantly enhance your restaurant's visibility and appeal.

Enhanced Review Experience: With the emphasis on celebrating Yelp reviewers, restaurants will see a potential increase in Yelp reviews. This can positively impact your reputation and attract more guests. Stay on top of reviews and respond to customers to improve your engagement and guarantee success going forward.

Visual Discovery Focus: Take advantage of the updated visual experience by regularly uploading high-quality photos (and videos) that showcase your menu items and overall atmosphere. Tasty images play a big role in influencing potential guests, and with the revamped visual search, you can make a lasting impression.

By proactively managing your Yelp presence, engaging with customers, and curating your images, you're not only maximizing the benefits of these new features but also creating a more enticing experience for potential customers. What features were you most excited to see with this new update?

To learn more about this latest update, visit Yelp's Blog post!

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