Marqii: We've got you Covered

Mar 24, 2020

Since the beginning of March our daily lives have been upended as the COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world. This is a trying time for society and an especially hard time for businesses in the hospitality industry that rely on daily transactions while operating on thin margins.

Despite these challenges, Marqii is doing our best to provide a valuable service to our clients while continuing to bring new restaurants on board. Marqii allows our clients to make updates across 75+ platforms by using a centralized dashboard. With each day presenting a new set of challenges and decisions, the ability to broadcast business updates to customers is crucial.

Marqii clients update their menus every week or every other day depending on what’s available during this time period. They’ve also been focusing on menu consolidation. Lamalo, one of our clients has transitioned from 20+ dips and salad options to 5 dips and 5 proteins. Offering a condensed menu is becoming more and more common across our client base and Marqii helps publish the updated menus to online listings.With people eager to support local businesses there has been a dramatic shift towards delivery and take out dining. Restaurants that weren’t providing a delivery option in the past, are now offering some form of online ordering. Marqii can redirect all links from directory sites to a new first-party ordering URL, allowing the customer to place an order directly from a businesses’ website. Ideally, it’s first-party ordering directly from your website (zero commissions) or through one of the various 3rd party delivery options (Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates).

More than likely in the last few weeks, a businesses’ social media post or a window flyer announces that the business is closed. By only notifying social media followers or the foot traffic that walks by a business, restaurants are not providing an accurate portrayal of their business if someone finds one of their online listings by conducting a “near me search''. Today, people are especially conducting “delivery near me” or “takeout near me” searches and they are relying on the information they see online (Google, Yelp, etc.) to be accurate.

Although it is unclear when restaurants will reopen for dine-in, restaurant owners are having to adapt to the current landscape. Marqii can provide operational relief during this time and will be there for restaurants when there’s a return to normal life.